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Backyard Conservation from NRCS

A bee flying near blue flowers with "Backyard Conservation" text overlay.

Farmers and ranchers, and many homeowners, are making progress in natural resource protection. You can join their conservation tradition, right in your own backyard. There are nearly 2 billion acres of land in the conterminous United States. About 70 percent of that land is privately owned and its care is in the hands of those who live and work on it. Most of that land, 1.4 billion acres, is managed by farmers and ranchers.

More than 92 million acres of land—an area the size of California—is privately developed and much of it is tended by homeowners. Farmers and ranchers use conservation plans to help them apply practices that meet their production objectives and protect soil, water, air, plant, and animal resources. You may want to develop a plan for your own backyard to help you apply conservation measures that fit your needs. Or maybe, for now, you’d like to try just a few of the activities in this book. We hope you’ll enjoy these activities that bring beauty and diversity to your yard— whether your “yard” is measured in acres, feet, or flower pots. We know you’ll feel good about improving the environment and joining the conservation tradition of America’s farmers and ranchers. 

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