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National Indoor Plant Week


National Indoor Plants Week during the third week in September promotes the importance of live plants in interior spaces.

Indoor plants are more than décor. They clean the air, reduce noise, create oxygen, remove carbon dioxide, and keep us connected with nature.

Health studies show that indoor plants can lower your risk for illnesses, boost your mood, and in a hospital setting, indoor plants promote healing. The Lung Institute recommends choosing different plants for different rooms such as a Chinese evergreen for the living room, or a gerbera daisy for the bedroom. An entire field of health study is called Horticulture Therapy (HT). The practice uses gardening as therapy. HT can be part of a treatment plan for behavioral issues such as dementia, schizophrenia, depression, and some mental stresses from late-stage cancer.

Indoor plant specialists, or “interiorscapers” advise having one potted plant per 100-square-feet to feel the benefits.

HOW TO OBSERVE #IndoorPlantsWeek

Anyone can celebrate the week. There is no fee to get involved, just the minimal investment of an indoor plant. Popular big-box stores, florists and greenhouses are good starting points to build your indoor greenery.

Visit a local greenhouse and wander through the indoor plant department. Look for popular indoor plants such as:

  • succulents
  • spider plant whose fast-growing shoots produce babies you can re-pot,
  • Chinese evergreen,
  • vipers bowstring (also known as a mother-in-law’s tongue) or a
  • pancake plant (Chinese money plant) which easily propagates from the shoots that sprout from the base.

Visit to learn more about the health benefits of indoor plants.

Another way to celebrate the week is by taking a plant class. Class topics range from plant care and arranging to propagation. Many courses offer tutorials that include a plant you take home with you.

Celebrate the week with #IndoorPlantsQeek on social media.


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