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Natural Resources University Podcasts             
March 2024

A website banner reading "Natural Resources University" with a backdrop of forest trees at dusk.

Natural Resources University Podcasts feature science-based podcasts with leading scientists in each topic area. Topics include Deer University- focused on white-tailed deer biology and mangement, Habitat University focused on the science of wildlife habitat management. Fish University focused on delivering the latest science about managing fishing ponds and aquatic ecosystems. Wild Turkey University, Timber University, and Fire University which delivers the latest research and science on fire ecology and related wildlife and forest management. The Natural Resources University (NRU) podcasts are available at:

Selected Podcasts from Natural Resources University:

Fire University - Finding fires lightning fast | #174

Fire University - Introducing co-host of Fire University | #163

Fins, Fur, & Feathers - Stocking fish in your pond | #244

Fins, Fur, & Feathers - Coyote control and deer production | #228

Fins, Fur, & Feathers - Pond habitat | #211

Fish University Managing fishponds for ducks | #241

Fish University - Aquatic plant management | #209

Fish University - How fish work | #198

Habitat University - Forest management for birds: an introduction to the series | 251

Habitat University - Conserving Wildlife in Ag. Landscapes: Creating win-win solutions for wildlife and farmers | #238

Small Game University - Introductions and science in small game management | #248

Timber University - Pine beetles and forest management concerns | #243

Timber University - Natural regeneration of pines | #221

Timber University - Artificial pine regeneration | #212

Timber University - Timber trespass and theft | #200

Timber University - Marketing the forest crop | #179

Wild Turkey Science - Up close and personal with wild turkeys | #242

Wild Turkey Science - Science-based solutions for long-term sustainability  | #222

Wild Turkey Science - What not to do | #176

Wild Turkey Science - Which plants? | #164

Working Wild U - Can we bring black-footed ferrets back from the brink? | #239


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