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Greenbelt:                                                    Ag Property Tax Assessment Feb 2024

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Agriculture Property Tax Assessment

Text about Florida's Greenbelt Law, agricultural land classification, alongside a farm field image.


Florida law provides preferrential property tax assessment for farms, nurseries, timberlands, and other agricultural operations classified as "agricultural". The Florida Greenbelt law allows land classified as agriculture to be assessed at a lower tax rate than property not being used for agricultural purposes. Application must be made between Jan 1 and March 1 for the Agricultural Classification. Find your property appraiser at:


A significant advantage available to agricultural landowners in Florida, including equine operations, is the Greenbelt Law, section 193.461, Florida Statutes. This provision offers property tax relief by assessing agricultural land based on its use value, not its potential market value.


How do I get an ag exemption in Florida?

A qualified farmer desiring to obtain a TEAM Card must complete an Application for a Florida Farm Tax Exempt Agricultural Materials (TEAM) Card (Form DR-1 TEAM). Qualified farmers may apply online or obtain a copy of Form DR-1 TEAM to apply by mail at, under the Sales and Use Tax category.

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