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National Wildlife Day

National Wildlife Day is celebrated each year on February 22nd and September 4th. These days serve to bring awareness to endangered animal species both nationally and globally as well as the organizations that help them through education and conservation efforts.


How do we celebrate National Wildlife Day?

Visit a zoo or wildlife reserve, donate your time and money, spread awareness, and help save the numerous species of wildlife currently threatened or endangered.


 How to Obseve National Wildlife Day!

  1. Take a hike!Those of us fortunate enough to live close to the "wildness" that Thoreau wrote about with such startling clarity should use National Wildlife Day as a motivator to get out and about — and to explore the great outdoors.
  2. Donate to conservation groupsWithout the hard work of conservation groups, much of what we love about wildlife and natural habitats would likely be lost forever.
  3. Clean this place up!Many communities have organizations dedicated to picking up all the trash left behind. Find out when and where they'll be at work, and join them in cleaning up your town.
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